Strengthening communication and sharing knowledge of modern brain research

The diversity of Swiss neurology

DOI: https://doi.org/10.4414/sanp.2017.00531
Publication Date: 31.10.2017
Swiss Arch Neurol Psychiatr Psychother. 2017;168(07):191

Andreas Steck, Patrik Vuilleumier

Since the Schweizer Archiv für Neurologie und Psychiatrie was founded 100 years ago by Constantin von ­Monakow, a neurologist and psychiatrist, neurology has emerged as a major clinical and scientific speciality.

Knowledge has dramatically increased and sub-­specialisation within neurology has become overwhelming, which is reflected by an increasing ­number of publications and journals. Recently, the Swiss Federation of Clinical Neuro-Societies (SFCNS) launched a new online journal – Clinical and Translational Neuroscience.

We take the opportunity to wish success to this new journal and inform our readership that the Swiss ­Archives of Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (SANP) will still be fully committed to covering all ­aspects of clinical neurosciences and will continue to accept and publish neurological papers and reports, as it has been doing successfully for the past 100 years.

We trust that there is a strong need for a free (no publication fee), open access, peer-reviewed Swiss publication organ, serving the psychiatric and neurological community.

As stated in previous editorials, SANP offers a place for exchange between all disciplines related to brain sciences, including various orientations in psychiatry and psychotherapy[1], and covering both clinical and basic neuroscience [2].

We are happy to have in EMH Swiss Medical Publishers Ltd. a very efficient, fully independent and well known publishing house. According to a newly released readership survey SANP is read by 78% of Swiss neurologists and psychiatrists [3]. The journal’s aim is to continue to strengthen communication and sharing of modern brain research knowledge among Swiss clinicians.

We welcome neurological submissions in various categories, such as original articles, reviews, case reports, with clinical and educational features, making the SANP a lively forum for clinicians and practitioners working in the field of neurology.


Andreas Steck, MD
University of Basel
CH-4031 Basel


1 Besson J, Küchenhoff J. 100 ans SANP. Schweiz Arch Neurol Psychiatr. 2017;168(1):3–9.

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