Collection 2004/7


Michel C, Seeck M, Lövblad O

Swiss Neuroimaging: State-of-the-art 2004

Review article

Scheltens P

Magnetic resonance imaging in dementia

Lövblad O

Neuroimaging of the ischaemic penumbra

von R

The impact of CT in acute cerebral ischaemia

Baird E

Neuroimaging (MRI) of acute stroke: present role in clinical management and research

Arnold M, Remonda L, Nedeltchev K, Fischer U, Sturzenegger M, Schroth G, Mattle P

Intraarterial thrombolysis and the role of intensive care in acute ischaemic stroke

Valavanis A, Pangalu A, Tanaka M

Endovascular treatment of cerebral arteriovenous malformations with emphasis on the curative role of embolisation

Ohta M, Yilmaz H, Miranda C, Abdo G, Lylyk P, Rüfenacht A, San D

Current concepts of endovascular aneurysm treatment, and about the role of stents for endovascular repair of cerebral arteries

Case Report

Michel P


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