Collection 2004/07


Lövblad K-O, Michel C, Seeck M

Swiss Neuroimaging: State-of-the-art 2004


Scheltens P

Magnetic resonance imaging in dementia

Lövblad K-O

Neuroimaging of the ischaemic penumbra

von Kummer R

The impact of CT in acute cerebral ischaemia

Baird AE

Neuroimaging (MRI) of acute stroke: present role in clinical management and research

Arnold M, Remonda L, Nedeltchev K, Fischer U, Sturzenegger M, Schroth G, Mattle HP

Intraarterial thrombolysis and the role of intensive care in acute ischaemic stroke

Valavanis A, Pangalu A, Tanaka M

Endovascular treatment of cerebral arteriovenous malformations with emphasis on the curative role of embolisation

Rüfenacht DA, Ohta M, Yilmaz H, Miranda C, San Millan Ruiz D, Abdo G, Lylyk P

Current concepts of endovascular aneurysm treatment, and about the role of stents for endovascular repair of cerebral arteries

Neurological resident corner

Michel P


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