Collection 2013/08


Annoni JM, Küchenhoff J

Brain, language and therapy

Besson J, Bassetti C


In memoriam

Küchenhoff J

Gaetano Benedetti, der Pionier psychoanalytischer Psychosenpsychotherapie, ist verstorben

Küchenhoff B

Christian Scharfetter 1936 - 2012

Review article

Krestel H

Language and brain: historical introduction to models of language and aphasia

Charland-Verville V, Habbal D, Laureys S, Gosseries O

Coma and related disorders

Mouthon M, Annoni JM, Khateb A

The bilingual brain

Siclari F, Bassetti C, Tononi G

Conscious experience in sleep and wakefulness

Reischies F

Psychopathologische Symptome als Zeichen einer Störung im Sprachsystem

Schüpbach M

Functional neurological disorders: from past to present

Assal F, Ghika J

Language capacities in dementia

Ansermet F, Magistretti P

The Island of Drive. Representations, somatic states and the origin of drive.

Martory MD, Bernasconi Pertusio F, Boukrid A

Lésions cérébrales focales et aphasie : présentations cliniques et évaluations

Koenig-Bruhin M, Kolonko B, At A, Annoni JM, Hunziker E

Aphasia following a stroke : recovery and recommendations for rehabilitation

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