Collection 2021/5


Vuilleumier Patrik

A refreshing counterpoise to technical hyper-specialisation

In memoriam

Küchenhoff Joachim

Helm Stierlin, der Pionier der Familientherapie, ist gestorben

Original article

Mognetti Pierre-Frédéric, Kolly Stéphane, Kramer Ueli, Conus Philippe

Should “Good enough” healthcare network management be considered as a key element of borderline personality disorder treatment? 

Calzada Gerard, Cibotto Cédric, Manetti Julien, Aaron-Maria Rudolf, Folino David, Rothen Stéphane, Thorens Gabriel, Zullino Daniele

Professional football players as role models in smoking prevention

Golay Philippe, Calderoni Margot, Eap Chin B., Conus Philippe

French validation of the M-Back questionnaire: assessing clinicians' knowledge of metabolic syndrome in psychiatry

Official communication

Bonsack Charles

Prix SO-PSY 2021 «Ceci est mon récit»: les récits à la première personne récompensés

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